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Netherlands is a country located in the Western part of Europe and its land boundaries are shared with Germany and Belgium respectively. Also called Holland, the Netherlands straddles the deltas of five major rivers in Northwest Europe. It has a population of 16,200,000 people. Netherland is a land of canals, which drain the land and serves as waterways for the movement of people and freight. Amsterdam, the capital city is built on seventy Islands, linked by about 500 bridges, which span its many canals. This capital is a busy centre for diamond and tourism. Its economy is one of the most successful in Europe. In addition to high-tech sectors such as chemicals, electronics, and telecommunications, the Netherlands has a successful agricultural industry. Productivity is high, and products such as cut flowers, cheese, vegetables, and meat are significant export earners. Most exports and imports travel through Rotterdam, the world's biggest port. Despite being one of the most densely populated countries in the world, Netherlands enjoys high living standards.

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Holland Guides

Netherlands based company, provides tailor-made, personalized tours and services for individuals and groups.

Paz Holandesa

Improves the circumstances of socially and economically disadvantaged children by Offering free medical care.

Tours Tickets

Situated in the heart of Amsterdam, specialized in offering tickets for museums and attractions, all kinds of canal cruises, transfers and tailor made packages.

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