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Perched in the northern Apennines, San Marino the oldest and the third smallest republic in Europe. It covers a land area of 61 square kilometer. San Marino is a landlocked country within Central Italy and it has no water bodies. Its landscape is dominated by huge mass of limestone of Mount Titano. The city of San Marino is the capital city. Italian is the official language. Free and mandatory education in this country lasts until the child reaches the age of 14. All citizens receive high-quality comprehensive medical care and assistance during old age, accident and sickness, as well as family allowances. As referred to wealthiest countries in the world, San Marino's economy is based on tourism; this sector is at its greatest expansion and makes a major contribution to the Inhabitants income. Agriculture is no longer a principal economic resource, but remains vital. Over three million tourists flock to San Marino each year, as it is known for its lush landscapes, castles, museums, and fortress.

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Allegro Vivo

Promoting musical artist activities in general in San Marino and abroad.

Hotel SanMarino

Hotel nestled on the beautiful beach of Playa los Muertos, features airy guestrooms with all the amenities you need to relax.

SanMarino Club

Offering the perfect facility to host anything from corporate events, wedding receptions to small social gatherings.

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