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Belarus is a country located in Central Europe with an area of 207,600 square kilometer. It is bordered by Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Latvia. The major ethnic groups are Belarusians, Tartars, Russians, Poles, Jews, and Lithuanians. Christianity is the dominant faith in Belarus. Belarusians has a moderate continental climate type, which is influenced by Atlantic Ocean and Baltic Ocean. The Belarusians staples and three main meals include potatoes and red meat. It has two main official languages such as Russians and Belarusian. Land-locked and few natural resources include clay, limestone, oil and natural gas fields, and potash and rock salts. In 1986, an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in the Ukraine contaminated the farmland. The economy is based on the manufacture of machines, cars, chemicals, and a large farming sector, which is highly industrialized, with the use of modern technology. The national Library of Belarus is considered one of the world's largest libraries.

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