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Gibraltar is located in Western Europe and it borders the North of Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Gibraltar has a land area of 6.5 square kilometer and the country's population is estimated around 30,000. Gibraltar's main ethnic groups are English, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italians, and Llanito. English is the official language of Gibraltar; other languages include Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. This country has a Mediterranean climatic type with warm summers and mild winters. The standard currency of Gibraltar is the Pound Sterling. The capital city of Gibraltar is the capital city of Gibraltar. The population in this country call themselves as Llanitos meaning "people of the flat land". Gibraltar exports forty one per cent of manufactured goods and principally exports fifty one per cent of petroleum. Other major industries are ship repairing, tourism, tobacco, and banking and finance. Over hundreds of caves have been found in the limestone rock in Gibraltar.

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Bonita Trust

Charitable trust registered in Gibraltar, delivering programmes in the areas of education, health and entrepreneurship.

Environmental Safety Group

Charity works to safeguard and promote environmental issues within the community of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Telecommunication

Leading communication provider offering mobile and internet services as well as tailored business solutions.

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