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Often referred to 'The land of Lakes', Finland is a low-lying country. Finland has more than 60,000 lakes mainly in the Southwest, which is carved out by glaciers in the last Ice Age. It has bright, short summers and cold long winters that often freeze up to three feet three in depth. Standing on a peninsula and several Islands in the Gulf of Finland, the vibrant capital of Helsinki has about 777,000 in habitants, tree-lined avenues and a colorful market back onto a busy harbor. About fifty per cent women pursue a career. Finland is a patchwork of maze lakes, peat bogs, and a river, which means only twelve per cent of this regions land, can be utilized for grazing animals and cultivation of crops. This country is a world leader in the production of wood pulp, plywood, and paper, and these alone make up thirty per cent of the total exports. The waters are used for hydroelectric power and fishing.

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Craft Museum

Specialized museum for handicraft covering entire Finland, as well as an interesting destination for visitors.

Situated in the genuine gold district of Sodankyla, in Northern Lapland, displaying the past and present gold panning and prospecting.

Travel Experience

Destination management company and incoming tour operators, handling variety of travel arrangements for travellers around the world.

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