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Latvia is a flat country in the European continent with about 12,000 rivers. This country is sandwiched in a central position between Lithuania and Estonia. It covers a land area of 64,589 square kilometer. The population in this country is estimated as 2,400,000 people. About one-third of Latvians are of Russian origin and there are a smaller population of Belarusians and Ukrainians. The main languages these populations speak are Russian and Latvian and celebrate many religious and traditional festivals. The major religion practiced among Latvians is Christianity. Lats is the monetary unit of Latvia. The capital city Riga is the largest city and the capital city of Latvia. Riga has an international airport, which is the biggest in the Baltic States. Latvia has a largest area of fertile land than the other Baltic States. The east of Latvia is forested. Fishing, farming, and timber are the valuable sources of income. Manufacturing encouraged under soviet rule is the basis of the economy.

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