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Visual arts are those that are literally visual or visionary in nature, which include architecture, painting, photography, video and movie making. Visual arts include both fine arts and applied arts. Visual arts these days are been treated as a subject ender the education system. Architecture is the art of planning building structures. Painting is a kind of art that is more elegant and impresses one's eyes by the creativity being pooled in. painting is also used to express the mutual feelings and ideas. Paintings have its traces in caves and big rocks. Generally speaking art is a form that is appealing to the human eye.

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Located in Australia provides audio sound & composing, video, photographic and graphic design creations of John Simmons.

Provides flash art quiz game, news, links, clubs and exhibitions from around the world.

Wikipedia-Visual Arts

Provides an education of the arts, techniques, painting, sculpture, architecture, materials and history.

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