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Architecture as the name suggests one can understand and refer it to an art of planning a building and also different building styles seen throughout the history. The main architectural features consist of the roof, arches, walls, windows and doors of the building. An architect is a professional who designs a building and overseas its constructions. Until recently architectures drew large numbers of plans to instruct the builders and engineers but these days much of work is carried out on computer. The style and traditional architectural styles of Asia and Middle East remained the same for the centuries. Classical architecture that of the ancient Romans and Greeks. In ancient days the styles of buildings were determined by the climatic conditions, the availability of materials and local builders. Helped by better technology architects turned to glass, steel and concrete to express their vision of modern architecture.

Website Listings

American Society Of Landscape Architects

A national professional association for landscape architects who provide information on the related resources, public relations and landscape and their projects.

Architect store

An online store that provides with complete guide of accredited US architecture schools, architecture courses and architecture programs.

Architects for Home

Provides astonishing extensions, conversion plans, planning permission, builders and more.

Architects USA

A directory of architects which offers lists of architectural firms in the USA, that connects architects and their clients.

Architecture For Sale

An online resources that offers estate, historic properties, design news, newsletter and listings of properties.

Provider of advanced search in the architecture of US their locations, travel places, building designs and tourist sights.

Integrated Infrastructure Inc

An architectural firm designed for consulting resources and project management and offering services likes site master planning and green building design.

Miami Architecture

A professional institute of school of architecture offering academic services, community programs, news and events management.

The American Institute Of Architects

Provides with education, practicing architecture, career guides, contract documents and organizing conference events.

Wildblood Macdonald

Provides expertise in the design of childrens hospices, private residences, sensitive housing schemes and masterplanning.

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