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Early people painted hunting scenes on cave walls using natural pigments. In 16th century Europe, art schools were set up to teach drawing and painting skills. Artists began creating drawings as finished works, of art as many artists still do the same today. The Renaissance artists looked upon art as an imitation of life. This required close observation of nature and of mankind. The artists even studied the human anatomy. Leonard De Vince was an artists and painter; his most important paintings were the "virgin in the Rocks", "the last supper" and "The Mona Lisa". He was particularly interested in anatomy. Hence forth, artist being the "world of colorful carvings, paintings, glitter stone work and creativity, it's all done by artists.

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Boston Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning

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Offers colorful style in a variety of media including pencil crayon, block prints, pen and ink and electronic images.

MP3 Creation

Provides download platform of french composer thierry cassagneau proposing his MP3 music catalogue in classical music, electronic music and opera.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Located in London houses one of the most important and comprehensive art and design collections in the world.

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