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Performing arts is a kind of visual art that include arts such as drama, music and this activity is essentially an artist oriented. These kinds of visual arts require performance realization. The history of performing arts can be traced to 6th century in Greece. Dance can be both an art form and recreation. It can express one's emotions or narrate a story or set a mood. Performing arts include actors, comedians, dancers, musicians and singers. Drama is a play from a novel or written by a play writer and is enacted or performed on a stage for the audiences. Music is also a performance that makes individuals mood set right and make him or her dance, sing or enjoy. These arts are based on the deeper knowledge and skillful performance.

Website Listings

Film School

Directory of popular film, offers directing schools, and acting schools around the world. More Details

Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art

Information about transborder activities and their funding, dance, and other performing arts disciplines.


Contains information about the theatre, dance,music, venues, parties, presenters, promoters, service and support organizations in Japan.

Offers broadway, regional, and London theatre listings as well as daily updated theatre news and features.


The Centre for Performance Research located in Wales offers workshops, performances, festivals, conferences and publishing related projects.

Provides resource links and articles for actors, actress, directors, theater and film. Includes monologues and method acting class transcripts.

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