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Comics are usually referred to as a strip or a series of pictures that narrate or describe a story with pictorial presentation. The characters depicted are quiet, funny, exciting or satirical. The world of comics came to light and became popular in the year 1890's when the American press created the column for such comical topics. Comics are found in newspapers, magazines, comic books, graphic novels and on the web. The subject matter in the comics is usually based on humor. A comic is an art based on graphics and they are made available in the internet and these types of comics are referred to as web comics.

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Offers list of new comic book releases, published on this site, reviews, news, report and links to publishers and distributors.

Provides information about the history of comics, biographies of artists & writers, old comics and more.

online guide for comic book collection to track the value of your comics.

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Offers comics news, links and related resources.

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