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Animated films are movies in which drawings or models that seem to come to life. A simple graph can be animated for an enhanced user experience. The animated films first appeared in 1900's and this art has been developed alongside the motion pictures. Computer animations is now used to create amazing and astonishing special affects in the movies. The effect is usually achieved by slight changes in drawings or the model between each frame of the films. Animators use computers to draw the images between the start point and end of an action. Computers can generate an entire movie, as well as breathtaking special effects. Thus, animation can also be a thought-provoking medium for a serious striking message.

Website Listings

Provides information on history of animation, links, guides, news on animation industry.

Provides animation art including disney, superheroes, warner bros, hanna barbera and many other collectible art titles.

Animation library

Over 13,000 animations plus articles, reviews, tutorials, postcard, and everything related to animated graphics, animated bullets, buttons, backgrounds and resource links.

Animation Meat

Feature articles, industry news, and notes from the world of animation.

Animation World Network

Offers a wide range of animation news, blogs, jobs, and helpful information pertaining to all aspects of animation.


2D, 3D and flash animations library containing fully customizable animation clips.



Provides news, tutorials, pictures and resources for the 3D modeling and animation community.

Get Milked

Animation, cartoons, comics, a travelling penguin, and more...

Media Design School

New Zealand media design school offering courses in 3D animation, visual effects, graphic design, digital media, video game development, creative advertising and creative technologies.


Offers British cartoon, animation and comic strip creations, links, reviews and news from the UK.

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