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It is a networking site for the public gathering for an online discussion or conversion. These forums are grouped into categories based on their contents and intended audience. Thus the public can post message and discuss the relevant topics. These forums allow the public reply to the message already been posted. In order to post messages the users has to register with the related forum and then subsequently login. These forums allow the user to know the events happening in the surrounded environments like a contemporary dance show, signing competition, cultural arts show, video games, fashion, religion, politics, sports. Thus these are the popular areas of the forums. Perhaps there are forums for a huge number of other related topics. There are certain rules and a regulation on a forum is based on like word censor, spamming and double posting. A forum is hierarchical or tree like in structure.

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Black Chat City

Black chat city is a Free black chat room filled with users from all over the world

Discuss Web

Software developemt forum, discussing Software Programming, Web Development and Technical Support.

Web Discuss

Provides internet related topics including web designs,programming,SEO, graphic design,and open forum discussion board.

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