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History is an art when it enquires into truth and it establishes and describes these truths it becomes a piece of literature and a narrative record of the past. The narrative record of the past is "historiography" which means the art of writing history. The history of man is a sort of continual self-registrations on the continual narratives records. This record is known as "historiography". Thus, historiography is an art. History is the record of men's steps and slips. History is the study of the past action of human existence. History is a vast ocean of knowledge. It creates the values of nationality; sell appreciation, love and affection, truth, brotherhood, socialism, secularism. It creates curiosity regarding architecture, literature, music, paintings and dance, culture.

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A Virtual Art Museum-CGFA

Offers an introduction to visual art history, biographical information of many masters, showcases some of their works.

Offers exclusive range of contemporary art, fine artwork by thousands of contemporary artists, galleries, and world wide art resources.

Art Online

Offers art news, history, gallery and features lives, events, and the people who influenced their work.

Art Passions

Learn about the works of artists and illustrators including arthur rackham, gustove dore, edmund dulac, william morris, and kay nielson.

Art Renewal Center

Online museum of quality images of the works of painters. Includes articles, philosophy, education, essays, and scholarship details.

Mark Hardens Artchive

Online virtual art museum with photo galleries of masters works and criticism, gallery exhibit, CD-ROM reviews and art literature.

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