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Culture is a bunch of ideals and good deeds. It is sum total of refined behavior of man. It is the result of art of man's efforts to improve his style of living for thousands of years. Such a great achievement had to be preserved nourished and passed on to generations through ages. This is being done through history. There can be no other subject better suited for diffusion of culture. It is mainly responsible for the progress of our civilization. Growth in the fields of music stage and art during the Renaissance was substantial. The later decades witnessed the appearance of films; a new medium and novel development were witnessed in other fields too in continuation of the trends of the Renaissance days. Culture is a pivot for all arts.

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Online journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia. Includes exhibits, associations, galleries, and forum

Auckland Museum

Offers a comprehensive collection of Maori Taonga (treasures) and Pacific artifacts in New Zealand.

River of Words

Celebrates,Promotes the contributions people of African descent have made across the globe

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