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Originally a design was an artist's first sketch for a work of art, today design plays a broader role in every individuals lives, Before any objects can be made it must be designed, There are also many other areas of design, such as fashion, garden, interior and graphic design, changing tastes can result in popular design movement. Product design usually aims to be both functional and stylish; some classic designs express certain ideals perfectly. Graphic designers use words and images to communicate a strong visual message. The importance of functional design and of using materials such as steel, glass, and concrete. The development of the arts was such successful combination functionality with a strong sense of style and the development of the arts.

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Online glossary for art and design offer users to see a word, read the description, watch the sign, and look an image and related words.

Provides starting index of manufactures and designers. Also provides resources and ideas for modern designers.

Offers comprehensive runway reviews, images, videos, and insider blogs. Includes the world of fashion, designers, models, celebrities, beauty and shopping.

Offers beauty product reviews, blogs, beauty advice, stories and videos.

Tribu Design

Offers designers, producers and manufacturers, twentieth century furniture, lighting, decorative arts and industrial design.

Wikipedia Design

Offers a comprehensive information about well design and art structures.

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