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Photography is an art that is less than 180 years old and it now influences every part of one's lives. A photograph can capture an instant of happiness or record an athlete's record braking print, thus it show the cruelty of war or the beauty of the Earth from space. The French inventor Joseph Niepce experimented with photography and then it was Louis Daguerre who perfected the entire process of photography. Thus cameras of early age could only pictures of perfectly stilled objects. X-ray photography is complex and needs contribution from many specialists. Much preparation goes into making books and takes some several years to produce. For example in a preparation book it has to involve a team of people, that includes authors, an editor , designers, picture researchers, photographers and I T experts and more often as well as printers.

Website Listings

Barry Paffey Photography

Offers a relaxed, stylish, affordable and fun wedding photography service. This web site is devoted entirely wedding photography and contains images from recent weddings in the UK. More Details

Capture Create Studios

Award winning Sacramento wedding photographers and videographers capture your special day and take a storytelling approach to wedding photography, getting behind-the scenes photos and videos in a natural way. More Details

Corporate Photography London

Offering corporate headshots for use on LinkedIn, commercial websites and for marketing usage in the London area. Includes event photography and video services for corporate clients. More Details

Griffin Museum Of Photography

An organization that strives towards the art of photography through lectures, exhibitions and to appreciate the impact of photography in different areas.

Kalla Photography

A Winnipeg based photographer specializing in children, family, newborn and wedding photography. More Details

London School Of Photography

A professional photography training center that offers Weekends, Daily and Evening Photography Courses and works shops.

No Photography

An Irish photography agency with hi-res images of nature, landscapes, marine and print sales of images of Ireland and Europe.

Outdoor Photographer

Provides with latest photography techniques, photography equipments and photography tips and tools.


An online directory that helps find photographers according to the states, choosing a photographer, planning a wedding photography and photographer resources.

Professional Photographers Of America

An association of professionals that seek to increase the business savvy, enhance their creativity, and guide with tips and tools for an advanced career.


Online photo store printing and storing these photos and using them as personalized gifts.

Tony Howell

Provides exclusive views of landscape photography, flower photography, fine art photography, night and tree photographs.

An US based directory which includes professional and local photographers for wedding, family portraits, commercial purpose and for general events.

World Photo Locations

Offers and guides towards the spectacular views of nature around the world.

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