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Originally a design was an artist's first sketch for a work of art. Today design plays a broader role in various segments of line. The first stage in the design process is writing a design briefly and detailing out the functions and features that has to be achieved. Meanwhile in the finished object .Most things around us have been designed to carryout a particular job and these designed objects are called as product design. Graphic design is the use of words, images to portray and communicate strong visually created messages. These graphic designs that can be found on books, magazines, posters and on street signs. In graphic designs a designer uses letters of different sizes, shapes and type faces combined with colours and pattern to make everlasting impacts.

Website Listings

Graphic Design Archive

An online library providing with magazine design and photography with biographical profiles of designers.

Graphic Design USA

An US magazine based on graphic design that helps with informative ideas on graphic design, logo trends, and products from the design community.

Tangled Spider Design Group

Offers internet design, branding, logo design, web design, website graphics and visual design.

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