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In every culture from Asia to the American creation of myths exists to explain how the world began and how the first people came to exist. Wherever people have lived together they have told stories to explain the mysteries of the universe, and its creation and destruction and how people and animals first came to be of the characters of gods and goddess they worshipped. These tales are called Myths. Legends too are tales of adventure, but unlike myths are thought to have some basis of historical facts. These myths contain casts heroes and monsters and explain how life works. Animals and plants play a major role in world legend.

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Age Of

A publication that provides with classics stories of gods and heroes, hero myths of British race and king Arthur and his knights.

Timeless Myths

Source to find tales and information on ancient medieval mythology and legends.

World Myths and Legends in Arts

An Minneapolis institute of Arts that enhances the quality of mythology by photos accompanied with audio sound and background information.

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