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Magazines come out less frequently and are less concerned with the latest news. A magazine means a storehouse or stores for collection of articles, published at regular intervals. Magazines are designed to provide a single source through which readers can catch up on news, current events, and hot topics. Magazines are made available in bookstores, at newsstands, as well as by monthly subscription, and the moderate amount of advertising that they contain is quite varied with respect to products displayed, and quite general in terms of the approach taken in the ads. Modern magazines cover every imaginable subject that can be read by millions.

Website Listings

American Style Magazine

Featuring contemporary art and artists, collectors galleries, datebook and travel and tourism.

Cakewalk Magazine

Offers resources on visual art, reviews, music, film, and the natural sciences.

An US weekly magazines that updates on latest news like top celebrities , their photos, life style, music, movies, videos and fashion.

Venus Magazine

Provides information about music, fashion, events and the print version.

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