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The History of the past becomes a mere part of tragic and romantic literature of mankind without the study of the current history, what is done at present internationally, nationally or locally determines not only the present but also our future well being. While angling the causal sequence of events, history tries to generalize the cause and effect relationship and develops general laws with a view to predict future historical events. History began to be accepted as a truthful narration of significant national events and experience. History is that branch of knowledge which has for its object the ascertain, recording and explaining of facts and events of the past. History is a systematic written account of narration of facts and events of the past which may vary in ‘form' from the simplest annals to the most complex treatise.

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Arts to Zoo

Guide to cultural events and organizations.

Festival DAutomne a Paris

Official site of the event that dance, music, cinema, visual arts and more.

Spoleto Festival USA

Official site of the annual performing arts, dance, theatre, visual arts, opera, and music.

Tucson Expo Center

Tucson is a multi-purpose facility that can accommodate any events such as conventions, conferences and private celebrations.

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