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Tutorials are a session of studies and transferring knowledge to a small number of groups by the tutor. It's a part time learning after regular school or college studies. It provides for extra revision of the studied chapter and helps gain extra knowledge about the related matter source. Tutorials provides for the opportunity to discuss with the lectures and additional readings in smaller groups. A tutor may be a qualified person or specialized individual in some area for of studies and more often a lecturer. Tutors will be in a position to provide parents with most of the information about their child's progress and any problems they might be experiencing. A private tutor is a private instructor who teaches a specific educational subject, while academic is a coaching that is applied to academics.

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Computer Education World

Provides education, tutorial and resources related to computer programming, designing, and more.

Top 20 Education

Provides links to reference for different subjects and topics at learning levels.

Tutorials In Maths

Provides practical support to staff in the education sector, education related website list, articles and more.

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