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Weather be it talking or writing, we communicate with one another by using the system of language, where sounds or signs convey objects, actions and ideas. Almost half of the world's people speak the ten most widespread languages. Many of these languages oriented in Europe. Languages differ from place to place country to country almost world wide. Some languages are made as universally accepted languages. Learning a foreign language is beneficial for those individuals who most often travel outside country. Frequent usage of language listening and reading those words often repetitions tends to master the language easily. Some learns a foreign language as a part of their job requirement and for pursuing their studies abroad. There are online coaching classes for the benefit of the individual who prefer to study foreign languages.

Website Listings

For Students of Languages

Provides useful resources, news, links, for students of languages. Languages include English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Foreign Language Home

Provides language games, travel tips and other related resources for language students.

Maria Oliveira’s Language Learning

Language learning center, offers many ways to learn a language, workbooks, MP3 downloadable lessons, online courses and more. More Details

Spanish Language

Provides articles and links to Spanish reference resources.

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