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Medical education is a condition of acquiring medical knowledge and not practicing surgical treatment. It is an education or training undertaken to become a practitioner or a typical doctor. The initial training for the purpose of acquiring medical education is taken at medical school. Medical science as we know as began 300 years back. Medicine is a science that aims to prevent or treat the disorders that affect the human body. Medical education varies from country to country. Medicine has many branches; perhaps all the doctors cannot be expert in all of them. By law, a medically acclaimed doctor must complete a period of training before he or she is qualified to diagnose and treat patients. This involves at the very least three years of study, followed by work as a trainee in a hospital. In most countries, a national register lists those doctors who are qualified and are eligible to practice.

Website Listings

Association For Hospital Medical Education

A national nonprofit professional organization involved in the continuum of medical education.

Medical Education and Simulation

Provider of medical and health care education and human patient simulation technologies.

Medical education-Wikipedia

Education related to the practice of being a medical practitioner, either the initial training to become a doctor.

Student Doctor

A comprehensive educational and reference resource for medical and dental schools.


Online reference guide, links for medical professions and schools.

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