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As civilization developed writing was invented, formal institutions like schools were created so that it can help people to read and write. The Italian educationist Maria Montessori developed teaching methods that encouraged children to work things out through practical activity rather than to simply obey the given instructions. She developed her ideas while working with children who experienced learning difficulties. The Montessori system of education stresses that every child wants to learn. Children can freely choose and decide for themselves what and when they prefer to study. Different types of education cater for different needs. The "Montessori method" was developed from experimental research that Dr. Maria Montessori conducted with disabled and mentally challenged children. The method is primarily applied with young children with the age of (26), due to the young child's unique instincts and sensitivity to conditions in the environment and it is sometimes conducted with elementary age level (612) children.

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Montessori education in Aotearoa New Zealand

Offers conferences, and news resource for parents, educators, and researchers.

Montessori Training

Source to find various montessori materials and school curriculum, offers training programs in the world.

Provides links to schools, organizations, teacher training centers, conferences, montessori materials, and other related resources.

The Montessori Foundation

International nonprofit organization to help montessori schools to educate children in a spirit of partnership and peace.

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