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Professor is the one who professes to be an expert in some field like arts, science, mathematics, literature. The professor is the teacher of highest rank. In most of the countries professors refer to a senior academic, who holds a departmental chair, (that is) head of the department. Professor is a position awarded to a specific individual. Professor is a title given to a much larger group of senior teachers in two or four year colleges and university teaching. Professors conduct lectures and seminars in the field of study, such as basic fields of mathematics, science, humanities, social science, education, literature, music or applied fields of engineering, design, medicine, law or business. Many professors are known to perform advance research in their fields. They can teach campus-based or online courses with the help of instructional technology. They have a responsibility to train young and new academics. These professors' carryout administrative or managerial functions that are usually at the high level that will be examples of “Deans” and “head of the departments”. The professors are tenured for a lifetime appointment, until retirement, expect for dismissal with due course.

Website Listings

California Association of Professors of Educational Administration

Organization of professors from private and public colleges or universities dedicated to the education of school leaders.

Council of Professors and Heads of Computing

Exists to promote public education in computing and its applications and to provide a forum for those responsible for management and research in university computing departments.

European Community Studies Association

Organizations of professors and researchers from many nations around the globe.

Provides teacher reviews, ratings for professors, textbooks, college, links and more.

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