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Management education these days have a wider scope than compared to any field of studies. Management is a distinct process that consists of activities like planning, organizing and to determine and accomplish slated objectives with the use of human being and other resources. The internal environment of any management consists of organized departmental structures, finance, marketing, production and human resources. Management contains a systematic body of theoretical knowledge as well as the practical application of such knowledge and provides of wide range of career option for any individual in the field of management, and they are human resource managers, advertisement managers, marketing managers and administrative managers. There are number of business schools and vocational schools that offer business management courses and requiring the related degree certificate one can proceed to MBA in different specialization like finance, HR and marketing.

Website Listings

American Management Association

Offers employee training, professional development seminars, classes and practical management skills.

Canadian Management Centre

Provider of training and development in Canada, offers financial management, HR, leadership, customer service, and project management.

Management for the Rest of Us

Provides latest updates, articles, newsletter in all aspects of business management.

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