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College years are the most difficult and most challenging time in any student's lives. In relation to universities the term college normally refers to a part of the university which does not have degree – awarding powers in it self. The word college is derived from the Latin word “Collegium” which originally signifies a community, a corporation, an organized society, a body of colleagues, or a society of persons engaged in some common pursuit. In the 14th century the word college is meant as a particular community of corporation of secular clergy. The first few months in college are entirely new experience for any individual. The college consists of body faculty and students of a college. Leaving from home and exploring your own dreams are a very important part of any matured human being especially student. For some, the physical separation from home is a difficult transition to college life.

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Face Book

Online social network of profiles that connects people, with friends and others who work, study and live around them, through their colleges, universities, high schools, or workplace networks.

Comprehensive resource for students covering college admissions, financial aid, educational options, and plan for achieving success in their college life. More Details

New York University

Located in Manhattan offers university with fourteen schools and colleges, and occupies more than five major centers.

Nursing Scholarships

Provides financial aid guide resource for nursing students attending college. More Details

Nursing Schools

Provides information about Nursing schools and nursing degrees in the United States and Canada and read our article and advice to advance or start your nursing career.

Online Business Degrees

Provides information about business schools programs, essays and degrees. More Details

The College Grants Database

Provides information about college scholarships, education and grants programs around the United States. More Details

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