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Mathematics is study of quantities, numbers, shapes and related matters. Mathematics is an essential tool for understanding the revolving world around us. Every individual in his day-to-day activities use numbers for varied purpose and perhaps can be referred to as a mathematicians. The term mathematics was invented ages before in order to count things, money, measure the objects, construct building and survey land. There are many different branches of mathematics and they include statistics and geometry. The branch of mathematics that studies the properties of lines, curves, surfaces, points shape and angles and the existing relation between them is called as geometry. Modern mathematics is more often concerned with studying the relationship between groups of objectives termed as sets. Mathematics is a subject that requires special attention while in school.

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Offers games, puzzles, clear math lessons fractals, geometry, tessellations, and more.

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Provides help to learning algebra, geometry, calculus, trig, statistics and more subjects.

Offers homework help, tutoring, basic formulas, information on math for parents, teachers and researchers.

Provides fun and immersive online video games which teaches students how to learn mathematics. More Details

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