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Education and learning and thus by acquiring knowledge is what brings human beings closer to civilization. In a hectic speed and frenetic pace at which one's lives run today, it seems increasingly impossible to attend regular courses and at the same time pursue one's study. Hence forth distance learning is one such resources of education that eases off such complexities and make education easier by enrolling to different programs that can be completed from home itself. It does not demand a fixed timing and a scheduled learning process. It does not require a physical presence of individual and does not posses a schooling kind can of atmosphere in terms of learning. These distances learning education is offered online and the courses range from bachelors, masters and PhD degrees. These education courses are part time and allow the individual to study and earn at the same time.

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Indiana State University

Offers undergraduate and graduate courses, degrees, and professional development programs via distance learning.

UF Distance Learning

Gives information about the various degrees, certificates, courses and resources.

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