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Statistics is a branch of mathematics and the word statistics has two meanings as one refers to not only collection of numbers called data, but also the science of analyzing these data. Statistical statements are made use of in our day-today conversations for example we can say must have a sound sleep for about 7-8 hours per night on an average and actually they are statistical in nature. The nature study of statistics is usually concerned with designing experiments, summarizing the information to aid an understanding and acquire stated conclusions for the problem study and estimating these problems in order to study future. Graphs display the data visually and making trends easier to study and understand. Statistics today is assumed as an important tool in an individual working option of any disciplines such as psychology, sociology, physics and engineering.

Website Listings

Provides online statistical teaching material, courses, exercises, articles, and links.

Education Index

Provides statistical information about variety of categories, including basic reference, agriculture, education, health, law, and a dozen others.

National Education Association

Provides various resources, links, newsletters on higher education.

Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Offers a comprehensive range of official U.K. statistics information, links and resources.

Provides resources for statistics education and more.

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