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Education is one of the paths that lead humans towards civilization. Through out the activities of education human kind come across various learning process. Thus, learning is a process that continues through out the human beings life from birth to death. Every society possible has produced great writers, thinkers, scientists and so on. During the past 100 years, an advance in modern technology has transformed the media industry. Media plays a vital role in passing the information happening around the world to its viewers. So does a media play a major role in education system by reporting the ongoing trends in the education field. It can help people find a comprehensive quality, assured mechanisms that are embedded in the system of education. More over it can update people with selection of career and latest advancements in the field of career advancement.

Website Listings

Education Week

Provides information about K-12 education and schools.

Source to find updated news related to education, including commentaries and reports, curriculum support, and more.

Times Higher Education Supplement

Provides education and university news, statistics, research and jobs.

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