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Book is a as a whole has the efforts of various individuals in it. It takes the soul and life of the author to write various contents that has been thought by his mind. Bibliography is a list of resource that have been referred and consulted by the author. Generally the list of resources is arranged in the alphabetical order according to the reader's comfort. Bibliographies are sometimes referred to as "references" or "works cited" depending on the style format that has been used through the process. Bibliographic information consists of the source like the title, author, publisher, date, etc. The bibliography is normally given at the end of a work augments and for the credibility of information that is been used up in the work setup. It even can list the place and time of publication.

Website Listings

British & Irish Archaeological Bibliography

Provides information about articles and books on the archaeology of Britain and Ireland, including the post-processualism and planning-led contract archaeology.

Offers a wide range of bibliographic databases designed for research, include academic, and corporate libraries.


Offers research and resources for students, professors, and institutions.

The Bibliographical Society

Provides information about the society and its aims and activities. Objectives include historical, analytical, descriptive and textual bibliography as well as the history of: printing, publishing, book selling, binding and collecting.

The Oxford Bibliographical Society

Encourage bibliographical research. Offers events, publications and more.

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