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Trinidad, the low-lying Island and Tobago its smaller partner, lie just off the coast of Venezuela. It occupies an area of 5,128 square kilometers, making it the 175th largest nation in terms of land area. The islands have a vivid, cosmopolitan culture and the approximately estimated population is 1,216,383 and a home to people from every continent. English is the official language. Port-of-Spain is the city capital and considered as a political centre, and home to its Ceremonial head of state. The form of government the country follows is parliamentary democracy. Pitch Lake in Trinidad has the world's largest asphalt deposit. Agricultural crops grown are rice, sugarcane, and citrus. The export commodities comprises of steel products, sugar, coffee, cocoa, beverages, and citrus fruits. Trinidad and Tobago are the home of steel bands, Calypso, and limbo dancing. Both Islands have fertile farmland, abundant wildlife, and fine beaches. The islands are prone to natural hazards including hurricanes and other tropical storms.

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Organisation responsible for consultation and co-operation between trade, transport, tourism and natural disasters.

Government of Trinidad and Tobago working towards the development of economy.

Trinidad & Tobago Parliament

Provides up-to-date information on the activities of political support services of Trinidad and Tobago.

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