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Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and has fertile lowlands set between three large mountainous regions. It is spread over an area of 110,860 sq kilometer and accommodates a population of 11,200,000 people. The main language spoken by the people are Spanish and major religion is Christianity. The Spanish founded Cuba's city capital and chief port Havana, in 1515. Havana is situated in a natural harbor. Its old town has many cobbled streets and ancient buildings. The official currency of Cuba is Cuban Peso. The crops grown on the lowlands are rice, tobacco, sugarcane, and coffee and the minerals mined are nickel and chromium. Cuba is one of the world's largest producers of sugarcane and it grown around the Havana and processed in this city's factories. The annual production of sugar is 55,000,000 tons. Havana cigars are popular all the over the world and are made from a blend of at least five different types of tobacco.

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Bazan Photos

Official website of photographer Ernesto Bazan, contains information on purchasing fine art prints.

Cuban Journeys

Travel agency specialized in arranging the needs of travellers like car rental, hotels, flight booking, tours and lots more.

Private Houses Cuba

Find and book private houses in Cuba from dollar 20 and above across the Island.

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