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Antigua and Barbuda is the largest region of the Leeward Islands. Antigua has two dependencies, Barbuda a tiny, coral island, which is bursting with variety of wildlife, while Redonda, and is an inhabited rock with its own king. The Antigua and Barbuda Islands enjoy a very pleasant and tropical climate that remains dry and warm throughout the year. The months, October to January are the hottest season of the year. It occupies an area of 442 Million sq Km and accommodates a population of Antigua is surrounded by corals and blue lagoons, which are teemed with crustaceans and tropical fishes. The agricultural crops grown in this region are sugarcane, cotton, cucumbers, coconuts, and bananas. Most of the populations in this region speak English and their monetary is Eastern Caribbean dollar. North of Antigua is a natural haven for wild deer and exotic birds. The beaches here are reputed among the most beautiful in the world.

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