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Bahamas is located to the northeast of Cuba and extend towards south for about 600 miles. It consists of 3,000 coral Islands and tiny Islets, but only 30 are inhabited. The festival on the Bahamas Islands is Junkanoo, a lively celebration with street dancing, music, and colorful parades. This festival has roots in the celebration of a slave leader and is held at the end of the year. The main language and religion is English and Christianity. Seafood and rice is the staple of the Bahamian diet. The city capital Nassau is considered the constitutional monarchy and the political center of Bahamas, and currency is Bahamian dollar. Bahamas has a sub-tropical weather, which is generally pleasant round the year. Most rainfall is seen from May to October. On average, the warmest month is August and coolest month is January. The month of February is the driest month. Fishing, tourism, and financial services flourish on the Islands.

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