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Netherlands and Antilles is Island in Caribbean Continent, and are composed of two islands namely Curacao and Bonaire off the coast of Venezuela. Willemstad is the capital and largest city of Netherlands and Antilles. The population of the Netherlands Antilles is approximately 185,000. This city has several casinos, which attract tourists every year. The population is made of Carib Amerindian, mixed blacks and whites, and East Asians and the dominant religion is Christianity. Dutch is the official languages and other languages include English, Papiamento, and Spanish. Netherlands Antilles is the monetary unit. The estimated literacy rate is ninety-seven percent. The Netherlands Antilles has an equatorial climatic type, with dry and hot weather throughout the year and these islands are prone to hurricanes in the summer season. About ten per cent of the Netherlands Antilles land is arable, and its major crops cultivated are sorghum, aloes, tropical fruits, peanuts, and vegetables.

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