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The island of Montserrat is a part of Lesser Antilles Chains and it is known as "Emerald Island of the Caribbean". It was sighted and named by Christopher Columbus. Approximately one-fifth of the Island is forested. The population Montserrat is estimated as 5,174 people. The population largely consists of African ancestry with small number of people of European descent. The official language is English and the estimated rate of literacy is ninety-seven per cent. Most of Montserratians also speak Creole and the main dominant religion is Christianity. Eastern Caribbean dollar is Montserrat's monetary unit and the capital city is Plymouth. The climate of Montserrat is mild and tropical and island is often in the path of hurricanes. About twenty per cent of the land is arable and suitable for farming and crops cultivated are onions, peppers, cabbages, tomatoes, and cucumbers. The stew made of goat meat served with bread rolls is the national dish.

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Bongo Warrior

Verse and prose poems by Montserratian poet

Montserrat Rental

Spanish-style villa situated just 40 feet above the ocean near Lime Kiln Bay in Olveston. Includes availability, facilities and contact details.

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Official site of Montserrat tourist board, features wide range of information on travel, things to do, adventure activities and more.

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