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Jamaica is a land of rivers, springs, waterfalls, and sandy beaches and it is the third largest Island of the Caribbean. Many of the people of this region are Rastafarian, worshippers of the former emperor of Ethiopia and Christians. The capital of Jamaica is Kingston. A few wealthy families dominate this island. Most of the Jamaican women hold senior posts in economic and political life. Women dominate the growing data processing industry. Jamaicans grow a wide range of vegetables including Okra or lady's finger, breadfruit Dashen, or taro is a staple vegetable and it has more than 1,000 varieties, which is also used for medicinal purposes. Reggae is Jamaica's distinctive form of popular music, which began as an offshoot of rhythm and blues and Bob Marley's band won world fame. Cricket is a popular game in this Island. Jamaica is the world's third largest producer of bauxite and provides about half of Jamaica's export income.

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