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Anguilla is a territory located in the North Eastern part of Caribbean continent. The territory of Anguilla is known for its peaceful environment with miles of white sand beaches filled with crystal clear water. The population of Anguilla can be estimated as 16,806 people. The fresh waters here have abundant seafood. Fruits and vegetables are also available. Salted fish, chicken, and mutton stew the popular dishes. The valley is the capital city of Anguilla and the predominant religion in this region is Christianity. The administration of this Island is the responsibility of the governor, who is appointed by the United Kingdom, Monarch. Anguillan follow British system of education and it has a successful education system with ninety per cent literacy rate. Fishing particularly lobsters constitutes major part of export activities. Tourism is the major industry and many visitors enjoy certain activities in the beaches like scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.

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