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A Caribbean Island Saint Barthelemy was discovered in 1493 and was first sighted by Christopher Columbus. The capital and largest city of Saint Barthelemy is Gustavia, it was named after the Sweden King, Gustav III. It is a duty-free port, and a yacht-filled harbor. Euro is the official currency of Saint Barthelemy. The Saint Barthelemy population is estimated as 9,034 and the main ethnic groups are Mestizo and Creole. The main dominant religion is Christianity and French is the official dialect of St Barths. The cuisine here is a blend of Creole, Asian cuisine and French cuisine. The economy of St. Barths is based on high-end tourism primarily visitors from North America. With limited fresh water resources, all food items are imported. The St Barthelemy's biodiversity has 54 varieties of coral, 183 different species of fishes, and 60 types of sea sponges. This island is a combination of numerous lagoons with a green hilly landscape and dozens of beaches.

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