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Aruba is one of islands in the Lesser Antilles Islands. It is a semi-arid Island located on the Southern Caribbean Sea. The first inhabitants of Aruba region are believed to be Caquetios Amerinds. Oranjestad meaning "orange town" is the capital city and the largest city of Aruba. This capital is a unique blend of old and new buildings that lends a distinctive charm, with a bustling harbor city. Aruba has pristine, white sand beaches and calm turquoise waters. Eagle beach is one of the top ten beaches in the word. The official currency is Aruban florin. The florin coins are divided into denominations like five, ten, fifty cents. The official language of Aruba is Dutch but most Arubans also speak languages like English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Aruba has a parliamentary democracy with a multiparty system. Aruba's food is ethnically diverse. Their Traditional menu includes, maize dishes, goat meat, fish, and stews made of local vegetables

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Aruba Villa Rentals

Specialized in providing furnished villas, apartments and timeshare units at reasonable rates.

Banco Di Caribe

Located in the central business district of Curaçao, features online information on commercial banking and 24/7 banking.

Ling & Sons

Family owned store providing a range of fresh produce, groceries, breads, pastries and quality wines to gourmet and ethnic products.

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