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The beautiful island of St Lucia is known for its sandy beaches, clear seas, and striking volcanic mountains. St Lucia is located in the eastern Caribbean. The first inhabitants of St. Lucia were the Arawak Indians and Carib Amerindians. English is their official language, but some people also speak French. The capital and largest city of St Lucia is Castries and the harbor in this capital receives many cruise ships packed with tourists every year. The majority of the population is Christian and there are small communities of Hindus, and Muslims, as well as small groups of Rastafarians. Most people work in farms, growing crops like root crops, citrus, cocoa, coconuts, and bananas and each year, 165,000 tons of bananas are exported. Mining plays a minor role in St. Lucia's economy and a small timber industries process pine and mahogany. St. Lucia proves it as self-sufficient in fresh fish production and the major catches are tuna, dolphin fish, and wahoo.

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