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The Cayman Islands is a British territory situated in the western part of Caribbean Sea. The name Cayman is derived from the Carib word "Camanas" meaning crocodile. This Island is encompassed of three Islands namely, Grand Cayman is the largest Island, and Little Cayman the smallest Island, lastly the Cayman Brac is popular for its deep-sea fishing. The monetary unit of this Island is Cayman Islands dollar. Christopher Columbus discovered this Island on 10 May 1503. The George Town serves as the city capital of Cayman Islands. The economy of this Island is many based on tourism, other major industries are construction, banking, insurance, and finance, and the government type is parliamentary democratic. The agricultural products produced turtle farming, vegetables, fruits, and livestock rising. Seafoods are prominent in this Island, which is combined with rice, cassava, yams, and plantain. Cayman Islands are fringed with the coral reefs, which protect them against the lashing waves.

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