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About 1600 kilometers to the southeast of Miami is the crowded Island Puerto Rico. It is one of the self-govering territory and a home to more than 3.8 million African and Spanish descents. San Juan is the capital, largest city and the most populous city in Puerto Rico. It is considered the chief port, and cultural and commercial center. Puerto Rico is a Spanish word meaning 'rich port', was named by early Spanish settlers. It has a population of 3,664,210. According to the archaeologists, the first inhabitants of this Island were the ortoiroid people. US Dollar is the currency of Puerto Rico. About eleven per cent of the work force is employed farming and their food crops include peppers, coffee, sugarcane, bananas, beans, mango, cocoa, pineapples, and avocados. This Island follows a republican form of government. The leading exports of this country are canned tuna, pharmaceuticals, beverages concentrates, and electronics.

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