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A teenager is a person who age ranges between thirteen and nineteen. They are termed to as teenagers because their age numbers usually ends in "teen". Teenagers go through a lot of physical and mental changes during these times. People in this age are considered minors. Girls usually reach full physical development by age of 1517 while boys usually complete puberty between ages of 1618. Teen age is the age when one must take good care of their health with healthy nutritious substitutes. This age is when the youngsters are very reluctant and can easy fall prey to bad deeds. Teenagers these are face varied health problems due to their innocence and less detailed information on one's own life. Teenage pregnancy is one of major disastrous activities that prevailing in every society of the world possible.

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Provides reliable, useful information on the health issues for girls.

Teen Health and Wellness

An online reference guide for reliable health and medical information for only educational purposes.

Teen Health Issues

Source to find information about health issues important to teens.


Provides information about physical health, weight, teen pregnancy and peer pressure.

Source to find information about health issues related and services.

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