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As the name itself suggest it is a temporary treatment to any accident or injury or illness while waiting for a medical aid, mostly on correct assigned priorities. First aid is a step by step process that ranges for cleaning a wound and covering it with a plaster or may be dealing with injuries to major disasters. The main aim of first aid service is to save life and prevent casualty conditions from worsening and arrange for experts help at the earliest opportunity possible. In many countries the law requires work place and schools to keep first aid kits. The contents in the first aid kit are to be strictly kept sterile for dressing the wounds. Recently first aid has advanced greatly due to better understanding of one's bodily needs in serious injuries or disease. It can opt for improved medical equipment and mobile communication. It now plays an even more vital role in serving lives and speeding causality.

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Gives health information for consumers on first aid for medical emergencies, accidents and injuries, symptoms and treatment of disease and health conditions.

First aid at work-HSE

Provides information on first-aid arrangements required in the workplace when people are injured.

First Aid International.

Specializes in first aid training, first aid kits and first aid certificates.

First Aid Tips

Provides information on first aid guides, tips and related resources.


Provides information on first aid kits and other related products, first aid training, tips and resources.

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