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One of the trained staff of any hospitals is the Nurses. Nursing is an act towards providing health care services to the individuals. The Nursing profession includes a range of specialists that vary from country to country. Nursing is a Noble health care service that one can provide to its people and society. Nurses attend to patients comfort and daily needs. They also carry out medical tasks, such as taking and recording pulse rate and checking through thermometer the body temperature. In the 19th century, nursing was not thought to respectable career for women. Most nurses were untrained and worked in appalling conditions. But these attitudes were changed by the efforts of one woman Florence Nightingale. Nurses often have to go through strenuous job of taking care of physical needs of patients and monitors right dosage of medicine intake.

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Provides nurse related companies list, jobs, reviews, articles and more.

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Offers journals, news, clinical resources, links, job listings, and article library.

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Discover accredited educational programs available online to students looking to further their nursing careers. More Details

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