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Senses can be referring to the organs like ear, skin, nose and tongue that help us to recognize. In our day today lives we respond to innumerable range of stimuli like when a bell buzzes, a soprano rings or a jet takes off., and each of these generates invisible vibrations called as sound waves. The ears can pick up a wide range of sounds and with in the help of ears they help us to make sense of our surroundings environment. Eyes enable us to see by stimulating the creation of images in the brain. Eye balls contain sensory cells, that when stimulated by light, send messages to the brain that are interpreted as images. The air that we breath in and the food that we intake contains chemicals that can be determined by our senses of smell and taste.

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Sensory Processing

Provides information on sensory processing guides and tips for helping kids with sensory integration issues.

The Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation

Provides a broad range of information, resource and services on sensory integration.

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